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Personal loan

An individual wishing to borrow a sum of money from a bank or a credit organization, without having to specify the allocation can have recourse to the personal loan. It is an amortizable loan (which means that you repay it in constant monthly payments over a period known in advance). This personal loan is granted on the basis of your financial situation without any guarantee on your part (no deposit or mortgage). We are here for that.

Home loan

The mortgage is a bank loan used to finance the purchase of a house, building or apartment by an individual. According to a 2016 INSEE study, 80% of individuals go through a home loan to buy their home. Support for each step of your real estate project by a specialist advisor, available and dedicated. WithCONSEILS INVESTISSEMENT (BARIMMOGROUP),realize your real estate project at the best rate *!

Purchase loan

This is a credit linked to a purchase. It allows the consumer to make a temporary commitment to the purchase of a good without being linked to the seller if he cannot ultimately finance it. The affected credit allows the consumer to benefit from a sort of withdrawal period for the sales contract. By withdrawing from the credit agreement, he also withdraws from the sale. Likewise, it allows him not to be forced to pay for a good purchased for which he does not have the financing.

Medical loan

It can be difficult to get credit when you are sick or disabled. Fortunately, the “Aeras” convention has made it easier for them to do this in recent years. The update on the possibilities offered to borrowers facing a health problem have improved over the past ten years, in particular thanks to the Aeras agreement (“Insure and Borrow with an Aggravated Health Risk”), negotiated between the State, insurance and credit professionals and patient and consumer associations.

Project loan

The project loan is widely used by credit organizations. However, it does not always mean exactly the same to everyone. Mostly, the project credit will be used to finance a specific project. The conditions for obtaining a credit require in this case the addition of proof of the project to the file. But for some, the project or "all projects" credit is on the contrary a credit without any proof of use. The project loan can therefore be used to finance many events or desires. But for very specific projects, there are specific credits.

Insurance loan

The credit insurance contract is a management tool that relies on three services: prevention, recovery and compensation. It is the ideal way to balance the results of companies and even to safeguard their existence, and thanks to its function, it saves companies from having to incur these essential costs for the management of their debts. Taking out a credit insurance policy has several advantages for the insured on the one hand, and for the business on the other hand, but since nothing is perfect in this world, it also presents some disadvantages. .