Credit efficiency system

Thanks to the digitization of contracts and other administrative documents, the process of financing a project has accelerated considerably.

Security and protection of your data

BARIMMOGROUP is a platform approved by the ACPR since 2014 which complies with security standards and protects your personal data.

Security and protection of your data

Each project has its own funding. An online request for a faster study of your file, your file is studied faster!.

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We are the benchmark for loans and credits, 200% digital.

Growth and Investment

Obtain an investor profile, Discover investment ideas and projects that suit you, Obtain a detailed plan on how to start making your money grow.

Loans and Credits

The professional loan is dedicated to financing the needs of VSEs / SMEs / SMIs, liberal professions, farmers, associations, traders, artisans and self-employed entrepreneurs. Professional credit covers all or part of the amount of the investment, its duration can be between 2 and 7 years.

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Follow the testimonials of our customers in relation to the delivery of our services.

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The BARIMMOGROUP group is: the authenticity of opinions, total transparency, the trusted third party. The management of bank customer reviews by Verified Reviews is certified in accordance with the NF ISO standard. Thanks again for the credit.

Jean Michel RODNI

Office worker
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I applied for a revolving loan and had asked for just the sum of 1500 euros but they gave me 2500 euros for the renewal. Thank you and see you soon.


Social assistance
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I have been a victim of fraud already once. So I hesitated with them. They have a service for you, I followed their procedure and rule and really got my loan and I'm proud of it. You gave me hope. Thank you very much


Auxiliary Nurse

The Personal Loan from A to Z

We have with us: the personal loan, the mortgage loan, the project loan, the medical loan, the purchase loan.

How to get immediate credit in 48 hours?

You may have an immediate need for money to cover an unexpected expense. The fast personal loan is an unaffected credit, that is to say that it is not correlated to a particular project, such as the work loan or the car loan, for example. The loan amount is between € 3,000 and € 50,000, which leaves you free to finance projects of all kinds.

Why can a loan be refused?

Having your credit refused is as embarrassing as it is common. It should be noted that lenders, such as banks, do not want to take any risk when lending money to their customers. Often there is a valid reason that can explain this refusal. It is therefore in your best interest to prepare your file and your arguments in order to justify your request. BARIMMOGROUP explains how to avoid the stumbling block of refused credit.

How to properly prepare your personal loan application?

Because it is not linked to any specific project, the personal loan is an excellent solution to deal with the unexpected or to have fun. Whether it is funding a home work or a trip, it can be achieved very quickly with a well-put together case. BARIMMOGROUP explains how to do it and invites you to do a no-obligation online simulation.

How to calculate a personal loan?

Calculating a personal loan is an essential step when considering taking out a loan. This allows you to accurately assess your budget and prepare your loan application ... provided you know how to calculate the actual amount of your credit. This is because not only the amount requested, but also other costs, such as administrative fees, interest rates, compulsory and optional insurance. This information is all the more difficult to determine as it can vary from bank to bank.

Apply for credit without proof

Motivated by an urgent need for money or funds, many individuals are tempted by a revolving credit without a pay slip. Indeed, this type of loan frees the borrower from a number of steps. Nevertheless, the subscription of a revolving credit requires an upstream reflection and an analysis of its financial situation, to avoid the pitfalls.

Is it possible to get a loan during a CDD period?

The CDD loan conditions and the amounts granted are necessarily more restrictive than those possible for an employee with a CDI. The loan is nonetheless possible: generally the lending institution grants an amount and a loan period adapted to the duration of the fixed-term contract. The monthly payments are therefore calculated so as not to place the borrower in a difficult situation in the event of non-renewal of his CDD or non-conversion into CDI.